"Burning Up" Turned Out to Be a Fizzle


I got about 25% of the way through Anne Marsh's "Burning Up" before I couldn't take it any more and had to chuck it into the DNF pile. Perhaps some of the issues I had might have gotten cleared up by the end, but too many other things irritated me too much to persevere.


I won't summarize the story because you can get that from Amazon or Goodreads.


Specifically bothersome for me:


Hero and smoke jumper Jack Donovan is insanely pushy and overbearing. He calls heroine Lily "baby" constantly and practically sexually assaults her when he shows up at her house, insisting that she do whatever he says because she's in danger.


Speaking of danger...how coincidental that Lily's stalker just so happens to be a pyromaniac when the book is about men who fight fires for a living. Really? And it took Jack all of five minutes and a single google search to figure out that Lily was being stalked and that was the reason she'd moved back to their tiny hometown.


Lily and Jack had some kind of big history, yet all that is mentioned is one night when Jack gave her a ride home and kissed her goodnight. Big deal. Maybe there is more that is shown later, but this certainly didn't make for any big romance in my book. They never dated because "Jack/Lily was off limits because he/she was dangerous/innocent" yet both seem to know everything about each other. When did this happen?


Besides, Lily and Jack are supposedly four years apart in age, so how is it that they were ever even in high school together? When they have their one big romantic moment, Lily is 16 which would have made Jack 20. This is just wrong.


Perhaps most annoying, however, is Marsh's writing tic of including a character's name in nearly every single line of dialogue. It got beyond tedious.


"So, Jack, what are you doing back in town?"

"I've come home to fight fires, Lily."

"Well what are you doing at my farm, Jack?"

"You are in danger, Lily. You need to leave."

"No, Jack. I"m not leaving. This is MY farm."

"Then I'm just going to move in with you, Lily. I'm going to harass you until you agree to sleep with me."

"But at the end of the summer you'll be leaving, Jack."

"Yes, I will, Lily."


Glad I got this one on sale.