Anyone But You

Anyone But You - Jennifer Crusie Nice, lite read. Nina Askew, newly divorced and experiencing life her way for the first time, is struggling a bit against loneliness and having recently turned 40. In an effort to solve her first problem, she adopts droopy Fred, a part-basset hound, part-beagle lump of unconditional love. Things are a bit more complicated when she forms a friendship with her downstairs neighbor, Alex. Alex is pretty close to perfect. He's a doctor. He's handsome with a fabulous body. He's laid back and loves to watch old movies and is virtually the complete opposite of the high-powered career husband Nina had just divorced. Only problem with Alex is that he's only 30, and Nina simply can't see herself with a man ten years younger.

Alex is immediately attracted to Nina and has absolutely no problems with the age difference. His issues lie in his lack of ambition - he's very happy being a low-paid ER doctor - a big fault since he'd never be able to give Nina the kind of life she'd been used to.

This book made me both laugh and cry. The dialogue is very funny and well written. And the insecurity Nina feels over her no-longer-tight-and-twenty body really struck home. As a woman "over forty", I can relate to the frustration and despair that comes with knowing things have headed south never to return again and how an aging body can really play havoc on a woman's ability to feel desirable and sexy.

I enjoyed this book very much. It's a nice, easy read.