Just One of the Guys

Just One of the Guys - Kristan Higgins Humorous contemporary romance with a very likable heroine and a hunky if a bit clueless hero.

Chastity O'Neill is the only girl in a family full of brothers. An athlete, sports fan and killer pool player, she's always been okay being one of the guys. But after she returns to her tiny home town, she's determined to meet someone, get married and start a family, a goal made very difficult when no one seems to see her as anyone other than a buddy who's fun to hang with it. When she meets Dr. Ryan Darling, things seem to look up. However, her history with family friend Trevor Meade continues to haunt her and threatens any future happiness she might find with her hunky new boyfriend.

Chastity is a great heroine, funny and self-deprecating without having any serious self-esteem issues. She's also very practical, determined to forget about her feelings for Trevor in favor of finding happiness with someone capable of returning her feelings. Since the story is told from Chastity's first person point of view, the reader feels her confusion and frustrations over her continued feelings for Trevor while his thoughts and feelings remain a mystery.