Not Another Bad Date

Not Another Bad Date - Rachel Gibson An okay read. Not much really happens. I kept waiting for the story to "start", but apart from a tiny bit of conflict near the final third of the book, there really was no "story" to the story.

Adele Harris had her heart broken by Zach Zemaitis when they were in college and he dumped her to marry her rival, Devon. When Adele returns to her home town to lend a hand to her sister, who is laid up with a problematic pregnancy, she tries to resist the feelings she has for Zach that never managed to go away entirely. For his part, Zach remembers Adele as a sexy, nice fling he had in college, a woman he wouldn't mind getting to know again in the most physical sense but not for anything long term or serious. For a while Adele manages to resist her attraction, but predictably they end up together. But Adele doesn't put much effort into resisting Zach, and it isn't until the very end - as in last couple of pages - that Zach's feelings seem to take a turn. There was almost no conflict in this book, nothing but a last-minute bit of jerkiness on Zach's part to keep them from being together.

I liked Gibson's "Simply Irresistible" much better - it was much funnier with more likable characters. Although, after ready two of Gibson's titles, I'm beginning to think her heroes are not necessarily the nicest guys.