When You Were Mine

When You Were Mine - Rebecca Serle A book that begins as something fairly light and fluffy but takes a bit of a dramatic turn.

Rosaline has been at least partially in love with Rob her entire life. They've always been best friends, but as they begin their senior year of high school, it seems like Rob is finally ready to take the last step into something more. Rose couldn't be more thrilled. Their first date is a smashing success, and everything is as it should be.

Then Rose's estranged cousin, Juliet, moves back to town. Before she knows what's going on, Rose discovers that Rob has fallen hard for Juliet, and she's not only lost her fated boyfriend but her best friend as well. But then Rob begins to change, and family secrets begin to come out. And Rose isn't sure any more what she really wants or what she's just always thought she wanted.

Rosaline is a bit of a frustrating character because so much happens to her, and many times I wanted her to grow a backbone. Both Rob and Juliet deserved a hearty smack, so to see Rose suffer a major broken heart without any justified anger was beyond frustrating. Even Rose's best friend Charlie comes off as a bit of a bully until she redeems herself in the last third of the book.

Too, the character of Juliet is portrayed as pure villain, however, constantly Juliet implies to Rose that somehow, Juliet has been the wronged party and everything she does is justified as some sort of get-even with Rose. It isn't until near the end of the story that we find our why Juliet feels betrayed, and to be honest, the reveal of the betrayal is a let down. Net net, Juliet is a horrible person, and Rose comes off as a somewhat wimpy victim. Add to this the fact that Rob is a tool who treats Rose terribly and I wanted her to tell them both off.

That said, this book kept the pages turning for me. It becomes rather dark at the midway point, and Serle does a good job capturing Rose's feelings and despair. An interesting premise - Serle got her inspiration from Romeo and Juliet (a few nods via the names in the book) and the fact that after he saw Juliet, Romeo for all intents and purposes dumped his current girlfriend, Rosaline. This is Rosaline's side of the story.